Thursday, October 23, 2008

Welcome to Floroblog!

I've decided to create a blog for the upcoming Discovery show Florodora to help Discoverites understand, participate and comment on the process of creating our Discovery 2009 production. I hope that by opening the ongoing process of reviving a Discovery show, the Lyric Theatre community will get more involved and excited. Until now, the process of revival has been somewhat opaque - naturally since a relatively small (but intense) production team has worked on the performing editions and the various issues surrounding the show revivals.

I'd like to change that and rev-up enthusiasm and interest by both opening up the process and, when appropriate, asking for help from other volunteers. For some of the tasks, individual or small group effort will be the most appropriate, and for others the participation and enthusiasm of others will be encouraged.

Florodora is a smashing show (much more about it later) and will be a lot of fun. As our 10th Discovery (could it have been that many already?) many know that I have the fool idea of presenting Florodora with orchestra, extending the Lyric community of performers involved in Discovery to our fine orchestra, and serving up to the audience - as a one-off - with the color and delight of the orchestral music of a staged version.

I don't expect all too many of you will be interested in the academic research involved in digging up the up scarce source materials - but I hope some might and there's always work to do there. I don't expect solving the puzzles of the various production aspects will appeal to everyone, either - but some might be interested in helping and there's always work to do there solving problems both practical and process to streamline and present an even greater show.

It doesn't stretch the imagination that staging a Discovery with an orchestra - dozens of more people - will involve more work and require more volunteer dedication and perseverance. I KNOW we can build on - and improve upon - the experience of Merrie England, Rose of Persia, The Maid of the Mountains, Robin Hood, Dorothy, The Arcadians, The Serenade, The Quaker Girl, Erminie and now, Florodora. Gosh, what a list!

So please subscribe to the blog to see posts all about Florodora - the revival and the production process - announcements, and the occasional appeal for volunteers and, if you can, reply with constructive ideas and comments. Thanks.

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