Sunday, January 25, 2009

Oysters Florodora

OK, so I know that oysters aren't every body's favorite food, but in the Florodora days they were quite a delicacy. As yet another example of how the show wove its way into popular culture, I ran across this recipe for Oysters Florodora:

MELT three tablespoonfuls of butter in a pan;
add four tablespoonfuls of flour and stir till smooth;
then add one-half teaspoonful of dry mustard,
a half teaspoonful of paprika,
a teaspoon of minced parsley,
two table-spoonfuls of lemon-juice,
two of Worcestershire sauce,
salt and one and
one-half cupfuls of strained oyster liquor

When the sauce is hot and bubbling drop in a pint of oysters, that have been carefully looked over, and cook till they are plump. Serve on hot buttered toast with pimolas on the side.

P.S. Pimolas are olives stuffed with pimentos.

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  1. I love recipes that start "melt [quantity] of butter in a pan." Not that I'm allowed to actually eat them anymore. I just think about them fondly now and then.

    Thanks for "pimola" -- a great crossword word!