Monday, March 9, 2009

Crikey Bonza Sheila Gal - Got Any Mates Back In Oz?

I've just received a pre-press of an article (from Andrew Lamb) for the Summer 2009 edition of On Stage, the quarterly newsletter of Theatre Heritage Australia Inc. The article recounts composer Leslie Stuart's amusing memoir of his Australian "inspiration" for Tell Me Pretty Maiden and a bit more about the original creative conflict surrounding the now famous double sextette from Florodora.

Stuart relates that some of the original blocking of TMPM is his own!

The article is unfortunately only a jpeg scan, but it is legible. You can find the pages here and here.

There will also be a streamed webcast of excerpts of highlights from a 1946 Australian radio broadcast of Stuart's 1911 Musical Comedy Peggy on April 14 from Melbourne FM 96.5 between their time 9pm and 11pm. Victoria, Australia is 18 hours ahead of US PDT which puts the webcast for us Californians unfortunately at (yawn) 4am Tuesday morning April 14. Sigh.

Gotta find me some webcast recording software for Windoze...

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